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Upcoming events to document...

Fall Family Photos!!!

Fall is here! Anytime those trees should be showing their beautiful colors that make Fall photos so special.  The crisp pop of color everywhere, and let's not forget to cool breeze to cool us off from the brutal, humid summer!! The time for apple picking, and pumpkin hunting, ciders, soups, and pies!! So not only do we do fun family Fall photos that can be posed or not, we also do lifestyle shoots as well.  So if you want to be able to have your Fall festivities documented where the whole family can be in it, then you might want to call me and set up a time!!  Happy Fall and don't forget to book your session!

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School Portraits

Photo documenting your child's back to school milestone is so important.  They are great to have for many reasons.  A favorite of mine is being able to look back on the years after they have grown and gone on their own and be able to go through their old photos.  A bit of nostalgia you might say!!  Don't hold off on scheduling this session!!

Senior Portraits

This milestone is another great one that should not go undocumented.  The last year of their high school career before they go off on their own to college or work!! It's more than a photo, it's growth, it's human, and its beautiful.  Any mother knows how important these milestones are.  And what better way to celebrate the victory of overcoming all the struggles than by a photo documentation that can express all of this!!!! Definitely a must to book!!!

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